New CLAT & DU LL.B Batch Starting From 2nd July.                                                           New LL.M Batch Starting From 8th July.

Best LL.M. Coaching in Delhi

Maansarovar has acquired such reputation in LL.M. entrance that students from all over India are flocking to be the protégé of Sonal Mam! What can be a better evidence of our work that in NLU-Delhi LLM Batch 2016, out of 22 students, 11 were from Maansarovar! We send a PERCENTAGE of students to top law schools across India. Our LL.M. Programme has been ingeniously designed to ensure not only complete preparation for Masters but also the competition further down the line such as judicials or civilservices. This is where we become the masters of the craft!100% selection is what we have achieved with pure hardwork, dedication and perseverance. A-Z of law is what we know, length to breadth is what we teach and cover to cover is what we cover.Our LL.M. course has become so popular that the entire class rooms of law colleges becomes the class rooms of Maansarovar! Thebest talents leave our corridors and together join the most prestigious law schools of India. Later in life, they reach the zenith and we smile!


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