1) Years of Experience - Foundation of Maansarovar Law Centre was laid in the year 2011 and since its inception it has been dedicated only to the field of law. it is a one stop shop for all law courses.

2) Guidance under the most Reverend Sonal ma’am - Sonal mam is the pillar that holds Maansarovar Law Centre and students from all over the country join Maansarovar Law Centre to study under her guidance

3) Profound knowledge of Mr Anil Kumar Gupta - Mr Anil Kumar Gupta is a veteran teacher with over 30years of experience in this field. He is a seasoned teacher who has been teaching political science for decades. Staying updated with the current political affairs and immediately informing students about the ultra rich information is something Mr.Gupta looks forward to and cherishes with his full heart.

4) Maths Wizard Miss Snigdha Gupta - Ms.Snigdha Gupta is an all India 23rd Ranker in SSC CGL 2013 examination and she was posted as income tax inspector in the year 2014. She is a maths wizard who helps the students with her short tricks and clarity of concepts that make students fall in love with maths and reasoning.

5) World class infrastructure - Maansarovar Law Centre is well known for its world class infrastructure providing all sorts of comfort to the students. Students feel extremely comfortable in all modes of Coaching here be it online or off-line and use of technology and clean infrastructure is the priority here at Maansarovar. That is why is regarded as the Best law coaching centre in India.

6) Weekly topic wise mock tests series - Maansarovar Law Centre focuses on making every topic clear that is why weekly topic wise test series is conducted before beginning full mock test. This clarifies the concept of students and makes them have a very strong hold on each topic.

7) Use of technology - Maansarovar Law Centre focuses on using technology while imparting education as much as possible. They have their own mobile application which gives a seamless experience to online students because many students from all over India are unable to travel to take off-line classes. Technology is a very important tool that they use in teaching and they want to keep up with a pace of the changing world.

8) Hybrid mode - Maansarovar Law Centre understands that different students have different needs that is why all three modes of coaching are available here for students that is - online, off-line and hybrid mode. Hybrid mode offers that a student can on regular basis switch from online to offline mode without giving any prior notice to the coaching centre which allows them to take classes in online as well as offline format as per their choice. This has been regarded as a very beneficial step for the students and they are highly appreciable of this facility.

9) Trial classes - Maansarovar Law Centre always encourages Students to take a trial class before joining them because they are extremely sure of the quality of teaching. They always tell students to take trial classes at various other coaching Centre too before joining them. They want the students to value their quality of education and throughly enjoy they journey with them.

10) Excellent Word of Mouth - Teaching and guidance of Sonal mam has been the strongest point that Maansarovar Law Centre cherishes and every year thousands of students take an exceptional experience here. After their selection and a great experience here, they recommend Maansarovar to various other students. Undoubtedly Maansarovar has the strongest word of mouth in India and it is a coaching centre that needs no paid publicity for they have love and good word of their students. It is due to these reasons , Maansarovar Law Centre is regarded as the best law coaching centre in India. Together they wish to start your success story too. Best of luck.