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There are two types of people in this world – one who say that they are going to be next to me when it matters the most and people who actually stay miles away from me and yet play the most influential role. Anil Sir, Sonal Ma’am, Snigdha Ma’am, Nitin Sir and the entire Maansarovar Law Centre team, I cannot thank you enough. I am not much of a believer in God but Anil Sir and Sonal Ma’am, there are 330 million Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism, I can proudly say that I have met two of them!



I owe my success to Anil Sir, Sonal Mam, Nitin Sir and the entire team of Maansarovar Law Centre. NALSAR wouldn’t have been possible without Maansarovar. I would like to especially thank Sonal Mam! Thank you mam for bringing out the best in me. The impact Mam had on me is inexplicable. She has affected and changed me in so many ways that it is hard to express my gratitude. I feel truly blessed to have a mentor like Mam. I am inspired and I wish to be like Sonal Mam!



Anil Gupta Sir is the epitome of perfection and patience!


Indian Law Institute

“The best teacher teaches from the heart and not from the book” This is a perfect line for Sonal Ma’am! “Sonal Mam” is not just a name for the students of Maansarovar but a true inspiration and an ideal to follow. Mam not only taught us the subjects with utmost perfection but also embraced us as a family. There can never be enough words to express my gratitude for you and your guidance, support and love. You are truly an amazing person and I shall forever be indebted to you Mam. Maansarovar is the best place for a secured future because here teachers like Anil Sir not only share their vast knowledge but also you learn a lot from their life experiences. Perfection in administration is the result of unrelenting and undying support of Rahul Sir who has been a pillar of strength.



Maansarovar is the best law institute which I believe everyone should experience once in their life – not only for study purpose but also for great teachings of life. Anil Sir is truly a blessing which every child wishes to get. Amazing teaching skills and the way Sir explains everything so calmly and with a big smile on his face every time is simply outstanding. Words are less to describe Sir and he is gem of a person. Simply the best! What to say of Sonal Ma’am! She is truly blessed from SaraswatiMaa. The best law teacher ever!Maansarovar has been an amazing an overwhelming journey.



Those who educate well are to be honoured more than parents because while parents only give life, a great teacher prepares us for ‘living well’. Thank you to the greatest teacher ever – Sonal Mam!


Campus Law Centre-Delhi University

The hardest part about describing Maansarovar is where to begin from and where to end. Maansarovar has been a family to me. It is the best coaching centre one could ever find and I feel very fortunate to have got Sonal Mam and Snigdha Mam for guiding me. They are the best teachers in the world. They make things so simple and understandable that hands down! Nobody can ever beat them.Also I would like to thank Rahul Sir who has been a constant ‘problem solver’, ‘encourager’, ‘mentor’, ‘brother’ and many more things to me. I can never thank you enough for all the support, co-operation and love that you showered towards me. I feel privileged to be a student of this institution. I could have never got a better team of mentors to guide me and shape my career beautifully. Its my wish to be in touch with this institution and the pillars of it forever.



I still remember the day when I walked into Maansarovar and the way I was greeted with utmost warmth by our respected and very friendly Rahul Sir. The way Sir explained each and every detail about the exam pattern, course, classes, test etc. was sufficient enough a guarantee to the quality of Maansarovar. The warmth continued throughout the coaching and gave me an experience of the lifetime. My heartfelt gratitude to all the members of Maansarovar for their inexplicable contribution to my career and life!



When I first met Sonal Mam, I told Mam that my dream is to study in NALSAR-Hyderabad. Mam said very confidently that don’t worry, you’ll certainly get through. I was very shocked that how could Mam say that even without knowing me or my caliber. But then came the winning mantra from Mam. She said that those who clear CLAT are average students with extraordinary focus and smart approach. I got so motivated by those words and encouragement that I decided that day itself that I am going to work very hard to get admission in NALSAR so that I can make Mam feel proud. And when I saw the CLAT result and got an admission call from NALSAR, needless to say, Sonal Mam was the 1st person I gave the good news to. Mam again said that Shalu I knew you could do it! Thank you Mam again and again. I love you!



I am a strong believer of karma. So I can say with full faith that I must have done some good deeds that I got an opportunity to be a part of Maansarovar family! The knowledge I received from Sonal Ma’am cannot be compared to anything else in the world as it is the best and most precious thing I have ever received. Mam taught us not only law but also life lessons. To be a student of Sonal Mam is like having Constitution and all bare acts in front of me. It is only when one studies from her that he/she can understand the experience. It is phenomenal and surreal. Thank you Sonal Mam – today, tomorrow and everyday!



I want to express my gratitude to Sonal Mam for inspiring me to study and do something. I wasn’t really focused or as a matter of fact even ambitious. Just staying with Mam and observing her has given me a sense of confidence. Ma’am, it could be another feather in your cap when a student shows gratitude but trust me, it gives such resilience to students who were experiencing waywardness! This one year has been an evolving process for me. I genuinely adore Mam and I hope she keeps on touching lives just the way she touched mine! It is not about my selection but the fact that I opened my books again and gained perspective. That’s your greatness and my treasure!



It was always a dream to study in NLSIU, Bangalore and I am thankful and grateful to Maansarovar Law Centre in helping me realize the same. I consider Maansarovar as the mecca of educational institutions in India and Anil Sir and Sonal Mam as epitomes of knowledge. The command and expertise over the subject that they possess and the capability to make a student understand the concept in and out is second to none. As a student, I couldn’t have asked for more!


Punjab University

I want to share a small incidence at Maansarovar. When I came to Maansarovar for the first time, I asked a student how the law teacher is and the answer I received was that there is no law teacher better than Sonal Ma’am. She is the best! A few days back, a student asked me how the law teacher is and the answer I gave was that there is no law teacher better than Sonal Ma’am. She is the best!



Sonal Mam is an inspiration to students. Mam activated a hunger for knowledge, inspiring me to plan my future and become a better individual. I am grateful to have been taught by such an admirable person. Before meeting Mam, I never could have imagined that a person could be a teacher, support, mentor, motivation, inspiration all in one! Sonal Mam you are a great teacher and I am absolutely blessed to have a mentor like you.


Campus Law Centre-Delhi University

Books make us realize how wonderful the world is but Maansarovar made us realize how wonderful we are to the world! Thank you to Maansarovar and especially Sonal Mam for your excellent quality teaching which takes us altogether to the greatest height in the field of knowledge. Maansarovar Law Centre is not only the best educational centre but also the perfect family. They created such familial and cordial relations with us that we never felt as if we were going to a coaching centre. This is something which has earned Maasarovar amazing goodwill. So finally thanking you again and again for giving us what we need as students and Sonal Mam you have set a benchmark for all the teachers in this field which is impossible to beat.



I feel extremely blessed to be a part of Maansarovar Law Centre. It has been not only a coaching but also a family and much more. From this coaching I got much more than I expected. I could have never imagined that each student would be given so much of personal attention just like brothers and sisters. Sonal Mam is the most wonderful and awesome teacher I have ever met. Her beautiful nature and way of teaching cannot be expressed in words. Snigdha Mam has no substitute as she is the best teacher of maths and reasoning. Both the mams are rightly the daughters of the BEST TEACHER OF POLITY - Anil Sir. I feel too young and small to write anything about Sir. All I can say is that he has been a perfect role model and father figure! Thank you to all of you


Campus Law Centre-Delhi University

I feel blessed to have met a lady, lawyer and an inspirational person like Sonal Mam. I would like to thank her for teaching law in an extraordinary fashion. Her vibrance and thoughts have inspired me deeply. I have started loving law because of Mam. She is one person I’ll always remember and respect throughout my journey. Sonal Ma’am is our Rahul Sir!!


Campus Law Centre-Delhi University

I am at a loss of words when it comes to describing my experience at Maansarovar! It has been one of the most beautiful and fruitful journeys ever. A very special thanks to Snigdha Mam for teaching maths and reasoning in the easiest manner possible. Her humblesness really inspired me. Sonal Mam also has greatly motivated me with her persona and charm. The kind of rapport and personal touch Mam shares with every student is unimaginable. I am definitely a better student and more importantly, a better person today


Campus Law Centre-Delhi University

I had heard a lot about Maansarovar so I decided to go and have a talk. The moment I met Rahul Sir, I was quite sure that this is the place to be! All the teachers in this institute have abundance of knowledge an I feel very lucky to seek guidance from them. One thing I particularly love about Maansarovar is that they allow students to take as many classes as they want. The gates were always open to us for studying. The doubts were always encouraged and answered with smile. They believed not only in teaching us but also educating us.


Campus Law Centre-Delhi University

I came to Maansarovar on someone’s suggestion and now if anyone asks me, I would suggest Maansarovar law Centre as it is the best law centre in Delhi. My outstanding rank in DU LLB has been possible only because of my loving teachers who gave so much special attention to weekend batch. Any amount of thank you would be less to express my gratitude. A very special mention about Gupta Sir who turned around the tables for me. Having no background of humanities, I was extremely apprehensive about my fate in the examination knowing that polity would cover a minimum of 15% in the paper. But once I started attending classes of political science, there was no looking back. My weakness turned into my strength and I knew that now I can do it! I don’t think I can ever meet any teacher as graceful and convincing as Sonal Mam. Her law classes were something to look forward to everyday. Snigdha mam also is so grounded despite being so successful. Hats off to Team MLC!



Maansarovar Law Centre is the place which makes law aspirants dream come true! Sonal Mam is the best law teacher, guru, friend, sister, philosopher in my life.


Lucknow University

Sonal Ma’am is the best teacher one could ever have. A true teacher! Her teachings are limited not only to her course but also what actually life is and how it is to be led with utmost honesty and morality! Apart from impeccable command upon legal, the most important aspect of life I learnt from Mam is how to remain honest and accompany truth in any condition and I shall always be grateful to Mam for that. You as a teacher have no idea what you give to the students. You are a maker, maker of our destiny and future!


Banaras Hindu University

Life is full of give and take. At Maansarovar, I have always observed a lot of giving and I have been taking with open arms all the knowledge and teaching imparted by the great teachers. Being here has benefitted me not only in the field of education but also has been an overall growth of personality. It has been a great journey and will always be cherished. A big thank you to Team Maansarovar.


Campus Law Centre-Delhi University

I have no words to describe our polity Sir – Mr. Anil Gupta! Sir is the most remarkable and motivational man I have ever met. His command over the subject of politics is impeccable and unsurpassable. He is a brilliant teacher and he makes sure that everyone understands the subject from length to breadth. Sir has made politics extremely interesting and understandable which has helped in everyday life also. Snigdha Mam and Sonal Mam have definitely taken from Sir!


Campus Law Centre-Delhi University

The faculty of Maansarovar is clearly the BEST faculty that I have ever seen especially Snigdha Mam. The way mam teaches and makes us understand every topic is simply outstanding. Also, mam is very soft spoken and my favourite teacher. I am deeply inspired by mam and wish to be like her one day.


Bharti VidyaPeeth-Pune

Joining Maansarovar has clearly been one of the best decisions of my life – personally as well as professionally. The coaching has given me strength, passion and discipline in life. Faculty of Maansarovar is truly amazing! Sonal Mam has become the ‘Queen of my Heart’. She is not only the best teacher but also the best person I have ever come across. Snigdha Mam is the finest maths teacher who vanished my maths phobia in a jiffy. Nitin Sir deserves a special thanks for always being a guide, support and a brother. Maansarovar is my new family.


Campus Law Centre-Delhi University

Maansarovar – an institute which has changed my life! I want to thank all the teachers who played a vital role in my overall growth and development. I was always given personal attention, constantly motivated and inspired to reach new heights in life. I can’t wait to return for semester coaching and be a part of this amazing institution once again.


Campus Law Centre-Delhi University

Maansarovar has been a great journey full of happiness, knowledge, affection, motivation and inspiration. It is undoubtedly the best place to study law. With full conviction I can say that nobody can teach law better than Mam! Its an absolute honour to be her student and learn from mam – not only law but also morality and ethics.


WBNUJS-West Bengal

Nobody can teach polity better than Anil Sir, nobody can clarify doubts of students with as much patience and love as Sir. Ask one question and get hundreds of associated facts along with the answer. Sir’s knowledge of his subject is outstanding, mind boggling and unsettling!!!!


Campus Law Centre-Delhi University

I feel privileged to be a part of Maansarovar Law Centre. I am extremely thankful to Sonal Mam for having introduced me to the discipline of law and for helping me sail through such a tough competition. I appreciate her for building such a strong foundation of law upon which I can comfortably erect my legal career. Mam has not only imparted extraordinary legal knowledge but has also improved my personality and outlook towards life. I truly hope to make Mam proud one day.A big thank you to Gupta Family!!


Symbiosis Law College-Pune

To the world, Sonal Mam may be just a teacher but for her students, she is a HERO!


Law Centre I - Delhi University

Sonal Mam justifies the saying that the place of teacher comes before God! Sonal Mam is my Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru DevoMaheshwara!!


Banaras Hindu University



IP University

Maansarovar is actually Maansarovar – holy, pious and supreme! When I heard the name Maansarovar, the first thing which came to my mind was the holy Maansarovar lake and after having studied here, I feel that this institute is no less than any pilgrimage to the students who seek a genuine and flawless navigation in the field of law. They say that there is always a woman behind every successful man and if I ever a successful career in law, Sonal Ma’am will be the lady I shall be grateful to. The subjects of maths and reasoning seemed always so difficult but now if I am able to play with these areas, all the credit goes to Snigdha Ma’am. Anil Sir is the master of politics who has taught us in such a manner that it is hard to forget in this life. Such command and knowledge that it is absolutely incredible. The ocean of knowledge!