CLAT Online Coaching

Best Institute for Clat Preparation: Mansarowar Law

Introduction to CLAT:

Common Law Admission Test, abbreviated as CLAT, is a country-wide examination for entrance into the undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) courses of law in the National Law Universities. These universities represent the highest level of legal education in India and the admission in the same is dependent upon acing the CLAT exam.

The CLAT examination is a difficult exam which requires careful planning and having a set direction. It is not easy to ace the CLAT exam and getting the right guidance for the CLAT examination is extremely important. In order to ace the exam, the students usually rely on coaching institutes and that is where we at Maansarovar Law Centre come into picture as we have been providing the best CLAT coaching for more than a decade, and we are not bound just by classrooms as we also have our online coaching platform so that the students can take classes as per their convenience if they are not able to come to the classrooms.

The faculty here at Maansarovar includes of professionals who have themselves cleared the CLAT exam and know exactly how the students should be guided when they enrol into our coaching, whether online or offline.

Advantages of Online Coaching for CLAT:

Online coaching for CLAT has been into the limelight for a while now. While the age-old method of traditional coaching in the classroom is preferred by the students, there is a strong inclination towards the online coaching platforms now and this is because of the following factors:

1) Comfort and Convenience: Online coaching for CLAT allows the student to study in a comfortable environment. The students can create a study space that is free from any sort of distractions and focus on their studies, all while being comfortable.

2) Flexibility and Accessibility: Online coaching allows flexibility to the students as the classes are not only available live but are also available in the recorded format in case the students are not able to attend the live class. They are able to access the study materials, lectures, and any other resources online anytime which would allow them to balance their preparation for CLAT with other commitments such as school and other personal activities.

3) Interactive and Comprehensive: Our online coaching classes for CLAT are very interactive as the teachers have the same focus on the online students as the ones sitting in the classrooms, which shows the dedication our teachers have for all the students in our coaching. The students have access to a live chat which means that they can get all their doubts cleared by directly asking the teacher. Also, our classes are highly comprehensive they cover every aspect of the CLAT exam going beyond just content-delivery and providing the tips and tricks, even for the online students.

Why choose Maansarovar Law Centre for your Online CLAT Coaching needs?

We have been providing coaching for CLAT for more than a decade and have made sure that equal attention is given to you even if you enrol in our online coaching programme for CLAT.

- We have a proven track record of success in our online coaching for CLAT as our students have secured a good rank and got admission in the top national law universities in our country.

- We have our own mobile application for our online CLAT coaching programme which provides a seamless experience for the students as they can find everything in one place, including the study material, lectures and other resources.

- We have a team of experienced faculty who provide their insightful guidance for all the students of our CLAT coaching, which means that the online students also receive the same guidance just as the students present in the classrooms.

Effective Study Strategies for CLAT online coaching:

In order to make sure that you score well in the CLAT examination, you must remain focused and make sure you are regular to the coaching even if you attend the classes online. Some effective study strategies include:

1) Effective Note-taking and Revision: It is important to take concise and organised notes when attending the CLAT coaching online as one of the most important thing while learning is to make sure there’s retention of the topics that have been taught.

2) Utilizing Online Resources: When the students enrol themselves in online coaching for CLAT, they must take advantage of the resources that have been made available for them, which includes the video lectures that they can view in form of revision after the class has ended, mock tests that are uploaded every week and other notes that are made available on the application.

3) Regular Mock Tests: The students should not miss out on any of the mock tests that are held as it is important to stay diligent while taking coaching in the online mode. The mock tests are special structured tests on the same pattern as the examination. It is extremely important for students to go through them in order to get a good score in the CLAT examination.

FAQS about Online CLAT Coaching:

We, at Maansarovar Law Centre, believe that regardless of the mode of coaching, i.e. online or offline, that the students enrol themselves in; they should get access to the same study material, test series, and any other resources in order to ace their CLAT examination.

In order to access the study material online, all you need to do is open the “Maansarovar Law” application on your phone and click on the CLAT package where you’d be able to find the classes, the mock tests, and any other study material in PDF format.

It doesn’t matter if you attend the coaching classes for CLAT online or offline as the coaching classes that are being run offline are the same classes that the students watch online as they are broadcasted live. The online students have a feature where they can chat with the teacher while a live class is going on in case they have any doubts, and they can visit the centre at any time in order to clear their doubts as all the teachers are in-house. Moreover, the support is offered through other means such as email, and phone.


In conclusion, CLAT online coaching offers a dynamic and effective approach to preparing for the CLAT exam. By using technology, students can access high-quality study materials, engage in interactive learning experiences, and receive personalized support from experienced teachers. The flexibility, accessibility, and convenience of our online CLAT coaching make it an attractive option for aspiring law students looking to excel in the CLAT exam.

As you embark on your CLAT preparation journey through our coaching, consider the advantages of online coaching and choose a reputable platform like Maansarovar Law Centre that aligns with your learning needs and goals. With dedication, diligence, and the right resources, you can maximize your potential and achieve success in the CLAT exam. Best of luck on your CLAT journey!