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The Indian Judicial Service Examination or the Provincial Civil Service Judicial Examination (PCS J) is an entry level examination for the purpose of applying for the post of district magistrate, additional district magistrate and other positions in the Indian Judiciary.

An interested candidate must appear for the PCS J to contest for the post of a judge in the Indian Judicial System.

The PCS J examinations are held for each state throughout India. Each state has their own method of examination and also differ in their syllabus for the PCS J exam. The PCS J examination is hosted by 24 states for applying to their respective judiciary. Each state has their own set of guidelines in order to appear for the judiciary exam.

We shall now discuss the common eligibility criteria for the PCS J exams.

Eligibility Criteria for the PCS J exams –

First and foremost, the candidate should be a citizen of India whilst having a recognized degree of law be it 3 Year or 5 Year program.

Secondly, the candidate must be enrolled or qualified as an Advocate under the Advocate’s Act 1961.

Lastly, the candidate must be aged between 21-35 years of age. In some states however, the age restriction can be till 40 years.

Once the eligibility is approved and the candidate is eligible for the PCS J exam, they should start preparing for the exam by proceeding towards the pattern and syllabus for the PCS J exam.

Pattern of the PCS J exam –

The complete PCS J exam is conducted through the following stages –

1. Judicial Preliminary Examination

2. Judicial Main Examination

3. Judicial Interview

Each stage has a different purpose, but the candidate is judged on the basis of the score obtained in each department upon completion. This essentially means that the candidate is evaluated on each step of the process and marked on the basis of his performance as a whole.

Application fees for State Wise Judiciary forms –

The following are the application form fees for each state of Indian Judiciary as of 1st April 2024-

Delhi Fees-1500/- West Bengal Fees– 210/- Telangana Fees – 1000/-
Punjab Fees– 1000/- Uttarakhand Fees– 172/- Sikkim Fees – 600/-
Bihar Fees– 600 /- Haryana Fees– 1000/- Bihar Fees – 600/-
Chhattisgarh Fees– Free for locals/ 400 for non-locals. Himachal Pradesh Fees- 400/- Meghalaya Fees – 1000/-
Gujrat Fees– 1000/- Madhya Pradesh Fees– 1047/- Manipur Fees – 1700/-
Rajasthan Fees– 1000/- Odisha Fees- 500/- Jammu & Kashmir Fees - 1000/-
Uttar Pradesh Fees– 125 /- Maharashtra Fees– 374/- Allahabad Fees – 1400/-
Jharkhand Fees– 600/- Karnataka Fees– 1000+500/- Prelims + Mains Gujrat Fees – 1000/-

Preparation for the PCS J exam -

Being a student of law, one must have been used to studying for long hours and would be well versed with the law of one’s country as has been taught in their respective Universities. However, the knowledge gained at the college or university level is not sufficient for attempting the PCS J exam in totality.

No doubt the preparation in college is a fruitful one but one does not get used to the intricacies of the Judicial Exam and how to approach it and how to combat it.

It is therefore advised and is in the interest of the student, that the said student invests in a coaching institute for the purpose of cracking the PCS J exams.

Here, at Maansarovar Law Centre, we take pride in being one of the topmost coaching institutes for the purpose of CLAT, CUET and Judiciary coaching.

We have a reputation spanning over 10+ years, with numerous success stories from our students who live by the coaching they received at Maansarovar Law Centre.

The following are a few key points which makes us deserving of our position in the market-

1. In house faculty –

We are proud to admit that we have a complete team of in-house faculty members where the owners are themselves the teachers at the institution. Spanning over 10+ years, the faculty remains unchanged and has maintained the quality of coaching that is Imparted to its students. The students live by the preparation they receive for the PCS J examination.

2. Holistic Approach –

We offer a holistic approach to our already comprehensive coaching, well-structured curriculum and the way we strive to teach our students. It is important to build the personality as well as the knowledge of the student appearing for the PCS J exam.

3. Interactive Approach –

The coaching methodology at Maansarovar Law Centre is interactive, engaging, and student centered. To make the learning process interesting and effective, faculty members use innovative coaching techniques such as interactive discussions, case studies, and real-life examples. The institute also holds regular question-and-answer sessions where students can clarify their questions and receive personalized coaching.

4. Individual Approach and Personalized Feedback-

Recognising that each student has unique strengths and weaknesses, Maansarovar Law Centre provides each student with individual attention and personalized coaching. Faculty members closely monitor each student's progress and provide constructive feedback in their coaching to help them improve on their path towards being a judge. Regular assessments and mock tests are conducted to gauge students' performance, and detailed feedback is provided to help them identify areas of improvement.

PCS J Exam Coaching Fees –

Our approach towards the exam’s curriculum is well known and well respected, assuring the students of the best of resources and guidance required for the attempt at the PCS J judicial exam.

Given below is the fees structure for the PCS J coaching at Maansarovar Law Center –

1,90,000/- (EMI for a period of 6 months)

1,75,000/- (Upfront)


Maansarovar Law Centre is the ultimate coaching destination for aspiring law students looking for the best PCS J coaching in Delhi. The institute, with its comprehensive coaching curriculum, experienced faculty, interactive coaching methodology, personalized attention, and proven track record, provides the ideal platform for students to realize their dreams of entering prestigious law schools. Visit our website to learn more about our PCS J coaching program and kickstart your journey towards a successful legal career.