If you are a student and trying to clear any competitive exam then you must have heard of Mock Test. Mock Test are test created on the similar lines as the actual exam so that the students are prepared well for the big day. We at Maansarovar Law Centre constantly remind the students about the importance of Mock Test and we provide students with at least 30 full mocks before the Actual Exam.

Here are certain things that you must follow while taking the mocks to maximize its benefit and to shoot up your score.

1) DON’T PROCRASTINATE - Many students fear taking Mock Test as they feel they are not prepared and they keep delaying taking the Mock Tests however this benefits no one. Taking a Mock help us realize the areas we need to work on and thus gives us a push to study harder.

2) USE A STOPWATCH - Stopwatch raises a sense of urgency and makes us realize if we are able to complete the Mock in time. Once a student in habitual of using a stopwatch during Mocks, they don’t undergo stress during the actual exam.

3) TAKE MOCKS IN THE CLASSROOM - When you take a Mock at a Coaching Centre in presence of other candidates around you, you feel the sense of competitive spirit and the atmosphere is more or less like that of the actual examination hall. Doing this makes you more prepared for the actual examination day.

4) DO NOT CHEAT - Needless to say yet it has been observed that some students cheat in Mock Test since they don’t want to face how prepared they are. Mocks are an eye opener and taking it honestly gives us a push to work on our weak areas.

5) BE REGULAR - Mock Test are as important as classes so give them equal importance. Be regular with them.

6) STICK TO LIMITED SOURCES - Stick to maximum 2 sources for Mock Test series. Solving Mocks from various sources only creates panic & anxiety. Have faith in your hard work & two sources are more than sufficient.

7) ATTEMPT THE SECTIONS WISELY - Competitive exams are all about completing the exam in time limit therefore always solve GK first & maths last as they being least time taking and most time taking respectively. Do the remaining 3 according to your comport and ability.

8) DO EXPERIMENTS - Whatever doubts you may have regarding the exam such as question about negative marking, how much paper should you attempt, etc. can be cleared by experimenting in Mock Test. All your doubts will be clear still if the need be, we at Maansarovar Law Centre are always there to guide you.

9) SOLVE IT IN ONE GO - Leaving a Mock in between just because your phone started ringing or someone called you, etc are no excuses. You must complete the Mock in one go and attempt as if you are sitting in the examination hall.

10) MOST IMPORTANT TIP - DO POST MOCK TEST WORK - Most students feel that the purpose of Mock Test is to evaluate their preparation however the real purpose of Mock is to prepare the students for the actual exam day & to increase their question bank. We have discussed the details of post Mocks work in our next blog. Reading it will be extremely helpful for your preparation.

We at Maansarovar Law Centre always help students to archive their dreams and it is through our experience & expertise that we have been able to guide thousands of students till date.

Let’s together start your success story!

Snigdha Gupta

Maansarovar Law Centre