1) FINALISE THE STATE JUDICIARY EXAMS THAT YOU WANT TO CLEAR - Though the syllabus for most of the state is similar, yet some states require some specific knowledge such as knowledge their local state laws, language based exam, computer exam,etc. If you are clear from the beginning about which states you want to clear then you will have a clear aim in mind and can prepare in a planned manner.

2) BE THOROUGH WITH THE SYLLABUS - One needs to be extremely through with the syllabus so as to know which subjects have more weightage and which subjects have less weightage. Accordingly our energy should be spent wisely on subjects of more importance

3) MAKE A SCHEDULE BEFORE YOU STUDY - Planning is the key to judiciously make the most of our time and to achieve maximum out of our efforts. We, at Maansarovar Law Centre always insist our students to make a weekly detailed plan as to how to move ahead in their preparation by making a weekly schedule. In this schedule even slightest details as to not just the subject but also the topic along with the time must also be mentioned. This gives clarity to the students, reduces their anxiety and sets a goal for them.

4) PREPARE FOR PRELIMS AND MAINS TOGETHER - A serious candidate realises that the two stages of prelims and mains exam are not exclusive rather they need to be prepared simultaneously. Every topic needs to studied from the point of objective as well as subjective exam. After preliminary exams there is limited time to prepare for the mains exam and hence it should be prepared from the first day of the preparation

5) GO THROUGH PREVIOUS YEAR PAPERS - Going through previous year papers gives us a fair idea as to what kind of questions come in the exam and which subjects are of more weightage. According to this a well planned strategy can be formulated for clearing the exam with great ease

6) PRACTICE ANSWER WRITING - Once you clear the preliminary exam, that is when the actual competition begins as now you will be facing only the serious candidates. At this stage no matter how vast your knowledge is,if you are unable to put in on your exam paper timely, then you will be left behind others. To get an edge at this stage, one needs to greatly practice answer writing. It should be made a daily exercise if you want to sail through this stage easily.

7) STICK TO LIMITED SOURCES - The desire to clear the exam in first attempt makes students doubt their preparation and that’s why they begin hunting for new sources to study. This makes them more anxious as they feel they haven’t studied enough and instead of revising what they need to, they start running after new books. This of course leads to disastrous results. You must have heard that it’s always better to read one book ten times instead of reading ten books once. Therefore, we should stick to limited sources instead of running behind new data

8) TAKE MOCKS SERIOUSLY AND REGULARLY - Most students feel that the purpose of mock tests are the evaluate our performance and preparation however the real purpose of the mocks are to prepare us for the actual exam and to increase our question bank. By giving mock test in time limit manner and in presence of other candidates reduces the anxiety of a candidate for the actual exam day. It makes them more confident day by day along with increasing their question bank

9) WORK ON YOUR WEAK AREAS - Many student find comfort in their strong areas and work more towards making it even more strong however working towards your weak areas is the key to shooting up your score. Scope of improvement in strong areas is very less however it’s a lot in your weak areas.

10) AIM FOR RANK 1 - Many students only aim for selection however with, right guidance, strategy and hard work anyone can attain rank 1. If we set smaller goals such as selection then our focus is just cut off and we put in only that much of hard work but if our aim is rank 1 then we end up working to break all the records till date. This definitely improves our willingness, strategy and perseverance.

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