Polity Notes


The Central Government announced the Agneepath Recruitment Scheme for Defense Forces. Under this, soldiers will be recruited for four years . Along with this , they will get service fund package while leaving the job . After four years, 80 percent of the soldiers will be relieved . Under the scheme , the youth joining the army will be called Agniveer. Under this scheme,youths will be able to be recruited in the army for a short time and will be able to serve the country .

Agneepath scheme aims at keeping the profile of military service useful. This will also improve the health and fitness level of the youths . Through this scheme, employment will be provided in various sectors . This will help in GDP growth. Improved Package , Service Fund Package and Disability package have also been announced. Family members will get service fund if they die while serving the country. If any Agniveer dies during the service of the country, then his family members will get an amount of more than Rs 1 crore including service fund along with interest . Apart from this, the salary of the remaining job will also be given . At the same time, if Agniveer becomes Disabled , then he will be given an amount of up to Rs 44 lakh. Apart from this, the salary of the remaining job will also be available.

Under the Agneepath scheme , youth will get monthly Rs 30,000 , 33,000 , 36,500 & 40,000 for 1st , 2nd , 3rd & 4th year . Rs 11. 71 Lakh will be paid as Seva Nidhi Package . No tax will be levied on this.

Recruitment will be conducted all over the country

The recruitment of Agniveers will be conducted all over the country. The youth who come in merit will be selected in it. Selected candidates will serve in the army for 4 years as Agniveer. Agniveer will leave the army job after serving four years. After this he can lead a disciplined life in the society as a skilled citizen. On the basis of merit and according to the requirement of the army , the army can accommodate 25 percent of the Agniveers in the regular cadre. The jawans will be equipped with holographics , fire control systems. Hand Held Target System will also be given in the hands of the jawans. For this, training will be given for 10 weeks to 6 months. Youth between the age of 17 and a half to 21 years can get jobs in this.

Youth will join the army for four years

Under the Agneepath scheme , the youth will join the army for four years and serve the nation. This is part of the government’s efforts to reduce the expenditure and lifespan of the defense force. After four years, 80 percent of the soldiers will be relieved and the army will help them in providing further employment opportunities. Various corporations will also be interested in reserving jobs for such trained and disciplined youth who have served the county .The initial estimates of the armed forces are that thousands of crores of rupees will be saved in terms of salary, allowances and pension if a significant number of soldiers are recruited under the scheme. The best youth recruited under the scheme can also get an opportunity to remain in the army in case of vacancies. The Department of Military Affairs studied similar models in eight countries before planning.

• New system will create an All-India, All-Class (AIAC) system to provide equal opportunities to youths across the country.

• The Aniveers in all three wings .i.e., Army, Airforce and Navy will be recruited for only 4 years with a provision to retain maximum 25% of them in regular cadre.

• Now, our armed forces will be more fit and young and our recruits of lesser in age will learn new technology in a shorter period of time. The youth between the age of 17 years and 6 months to 21 years will be eligible for recruitment even in Navy. In Navy, girls will be eligible for recruitment as sailors. Presently, women in Navy are eligible for posts of officer or above ranks only.

• For this year government has enhanced upper age limit to 23 years as the recruitment was hampered due to covid 19 pandemic. The upper age will continue to be 21 years from the next year onwards.

• People recruited under the Agnipath model will be assigned front-line duties in the three services, and these Agniveers will serve in forward areas along the borders with China and Pakistan, at premier air bases, on board warships and submarines, and handles modern weapons and systems.

• The air force will impart a wide range of training and exposure to the Agniveers in aviation, weapons and sophisticated ground systems.

• The young soldiers have skills that will allow them to adapt quickly to fast changing, technology-based environment, and they are adept at understanding and using technology and are aligned to future trends.

(NOTE: Union Home Ministry has announced preference to Agniveers in recruitments in Central Police Organisations, and in our para- military forces for eg :CRPF, BSF, ITBP, SSB, ASSAM RIFLES etc. 10 % reservation as well as relaxation in upper age limit will be provided for Agniveers. Defence Ministry has announced 10% reservation in ministry jobs for Agniveers. State Governments too have announced reservation for Agniveers in Police and in other departments. Various private sector groups also announced preference to Agniveers in their jobs. Agniveers will definately be preferred for the recruitments in every fields, because they will be skilled , disciplined , hard working and have positive mindset after the military training.