Polity Notes

Central Vigilence Commission

CVC was set up by Union Govt. in 1964 to advice & guide Central Govt. Agencies in the field of vigilance. CVC is apex vigilance institute, an autonomous body free of control from any executive authority. CVC monitors all vigilance activities under the Central govt. and advises various authorities in central govt. organizations in planning, executing, reviewing and reforming their vigilance work. CVC earlier was a single member commission. On 25th August 1988, CVC was given statutory status and was made a multimember commission (CVC + not more than 2 VC’S).

1st Central Vigilance Commissioner Mr. Nitoor Srinivasa Rau.

Presently Mr. Suresh. N. Patel is Central Vigilance Commissioner.

The Post of two Vigilance Commissioners are presently vacant. Before Suresh. N. Patel Sh. Sanjay Kothari was CVC.

CVC is the designated agency to receive written complaints on any allegations of corruption or misuse of office & recommend appropriate action.

Corruption investigations against govt. officials can proceed only after getting the permission of the govt.

CVC and VC’s are appointed by President of India on the recommendation of a committee consisting of PM + Union Home Minister & leader of opposition Lok Sabha.

Type of Body: Central Vigilance Commission is a Statutory Body.

Headquarter: CVC is located at N. Delhi

Tenure: Tenure of CVC & VC’s are four years or upto the age of 65 years whichever is earlier.

Resignation: CVC & VC’s can resign by submitting resignation to the President.

Eligibility: CVC and VC’s are senior bureaucrats having vast experience in the field of vigilance and anti corruption areas.

Jurisdiction: Commission’s jurisdiction under CVC Act are as under:

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(1) Members of All India Services Serving with union govt. and Group A officers of Centre Govt.

(2) Senior officers of Public Sector Banks (Scale V & above.)

(3) RBI, NABARD, SIDBI officers (Grade D & above.)

(4) Senior officials of Public Sector under-takings, managers & above in General Insurance companies, Senior Divisional Manager and above in Life Insurance Corporation.

(5) Senior officials of Central Govt.


CVC is only an advisory body. Central Govt. Depts. are free to either accept or reject CVC’s advice in corruption cases. CVC does not have powers to register criminal cases. It deals only with vigilance or disciplinary cases.