Polity Notes

Important Features in Indian Constitution taken from Constitution of other Countries

Constitution of India is Supreme Law of India. In our Constitution, we have borrowed many best features from other Constitutions of the World as follows:

1. U.S.A. – Preamble

Fundamental Rights

Impeachment of President

Judicial Review

Independence of Judiciary

2. Britain – Parliamentary type of Government

Rule of Law


3. Ireland – Directive Principles of State Policy

4. Canada – Federalism

Residuary Powers with Centre

Appointment of State Governors by Centre

Advisory Jurisdiction of Supreme Court

5. Australia – Concurrent List

6. USSR – Fundamental Duties

Ideals of Justice (Social, Economic and Political in our Preamble)

7. France – Ideals of Republic

Ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in Preamble

8. Germany – Emergency Provisions

9. South Africa – Amendment Procedure in our Constitution

10. Japan – Concept of procedure established by Law.