Polity Notes

Impeachment motion against chief Justice of Nepal

Impeachment motion against Chief Justice of Nepal Shri Cholendra Shamsher J. B. Rana has been introduced in lower house (house of representative) of Nepalese parliament (Rashtriya Panchayat) against the charges of corruption and not proper functioning of the top Court properly. As per Constitution of Nepal if impeachment motion is passed by at-least two third majority of the members of house of representatives, the Chief Justice shall be relieved of his office.

Justice Rana assumed the post of Chief Justice on 2nd January 2019 has been suspended from his post following the registration of impeachment motion against him at the house of representatives.

There is a provision for automatic suspension of the Chief Justice with the registration of impeachment motion.

Federal Parliament of Nepal

1. Lower House upper house (House of Representatives) 275 members

1. Lower House (House of Representatives) 275 members

2. upper house (national assembly) 59 members

President of Nepal: Mrs Bidhya Devi Bhandari

Prime Minister of Nepal: Mr. Sher Bahadur Deoba

In India too removal motion to remove chief justice of India or a judge of Supreme Court can be introduced in either house of Parliament. The removal motion has to be passed by both houses of parliament separately with two third majority of the houses. In our country there is no provision for automatic suspension of Chief Justice or a Judge of a Supreme Court with the introduction of removal motion. Till date no removal motion has been introduced against any Chief Justice or a Judge of Supreme Court in India.