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Solicitor General of India

Solicitor General of India is subordinate to the Attorney General of India. Solicitor General of India is not a Constitutional Post (as it is not mentioned in our Constitution). It is a STATUTORY Post established by an act of Parliament. Solicitor General is Secondary Lawyer of government of India in Supreme Court. He is also known as second Lawyer of India. Like Attorney General, Solicitor General too advices Government of India on Legal issues & appears in Supreme Court on behalf of Government of India. He is appointed by Appointments Committee of Cabinet.


Tenure is 3 years but NOT fixed. It is a common practice in India that after the change of Union Government, new Government appoints a new Solicitor General of its choice. When Modi Government came in power in May 2014, Mohan Parasaran was replaced by new SOLICITOR GENERAL Ranjit Kumar. Solicitor General is assisted by 22 Additional Solicitor Generals and a team of Law officers.

1st Solicitor General of India – C. K Daphtary

21st Solicitor General of India – Mohan Parasaran

22ndSolicitor General of India- Ranjit Kumar

23rd (Present) Solicitor General of India – Tushar Mehta w.e.f – 10 Oct 2018 (Earlier Tushar Mehta was Advocate General of Gujrat. Modi Government appointed him as Solicitor General of India)