Mr.Sonal Gupta is a name known to all those who are even remotely related to the field of law, for her command on the subject is profound and the charisma of her personality is magnetic. Having began her career in the field of law in the year 2006, Ms.Sonal Gupta was convinced that law is the field that has her mind and it's the most exciting aspect for her. After securing first rank in both LLB and LLM she started her own coaching centre - Maansarovar Law Centre In the year 2013 which was swarmed with students from its initial days itself. It required no paid publicity as word of mouth and excellent ranks of her students made her a prominent face in the field of law. You may read more about her by clicking on the link below.

Ms. Sonal Gupta, Maansarovar Law Centre

Miss Sonal Gupta is usually seen telling her students that law is a versatile field through which students can achieve all sorts of goals. Firstly it offers power jobs like Judicial Servies where a student can become a Civil Judge/ Metropolitan Magistrate at an age as young as 24. For power and fame, legal Journalism is very attractive options for many. Corporate law firms offer highly paid packages whereas with law background,politics also becomes a very lucrative field. Sonal Gupta has become a top law teacher in India in a very short period of time and it is because of a profound knowledge and hard work that she has been able to reach this stage. She believes that consistency is the key to leading in big results and right strategy coupled with hard work unlocks all doors. Mentoring thousands of students each year has given her immense experience which she cherishes every day. Students are like a family to her for they consider her their prime mentor. When new students and Sonal ma’am come together, this always results in successful stories and this journey will continue for decades to come. Together she wishes to write your success story and wishes you all a bright career in the field of law.