After finishing school, the most important decision a person must make is selecting a career. This is not an easy decision. To make the best choices for one’s own future, they need to have the right direction and appropriate guidance.

One can pick from a variety of possible professional choices, but they must ensure that the path they choose is financially rewarding and that they have all the required preparation in place before embarking on their trip.

Law is one such career. Because it is such a broad field, it is one of the most rewarding fields of work for students. By enrolling in a law school, one can learn about and enter the legal industry.

To enter the legal profession, one must pass the CLAT entrance exam. This CLAT exam is required to be cleared to gain admission into the topmost law schools in India, known as National Law Universities (NLU). They are the pinnacle of legal education in India.

However, it is important to note that passing the CLAT entrance exam is a bit tricky and can be a difficult task to achieve without proper structure and guidance.

We at Maansarovar Law Center have all the required resources to ensure your entrance to the most prestigious NLUs.

We can confidently declare that we are the best CLAT coaching institute to approach for your success, with over 10+ years of teaching expertise and multiple success stories.

Our CLAT classes are a big part of why we're so good at what we do. We assure students of their capabilities while studying with us by delivering content and tools that are easy to understand and thorough, helping students feel more confident and empowered as they embark on their path to crack the CLAT exam.

Miss Sonal Gupta, the Maansarovar Law Center's CEO and a faculty member, is the core of our organization. She was the top student in her law school and is now in charge of guiding the careers of over 5000 pupils.

Our CLAT preparation process is outstanding. We do not take the standard approach to teaching; instead, we prefer to improvise and develop effective and exciting techniques to teach our students, motivating them to commit rather than instilling dread.

We provide a hybrid teaching style that includes both online CLAT coaching and offline CLAT coaching. We take an inclusive approach by broadcasting our offline CLAT classes to our app, allowing students to stay up to date on all our lectures even if they are unable to physically attend them. The session is live in real time and get uploaded on the app for use later or for revision purposes.

We cherish each of our students and make every effort to answer any questions, concerns, or issues regarding their CLAT preparation, that they may have at any time. This allows us to develop confidence in our students.

We look forward to seeing you in our next batch!